21 Dec 5 Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

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Self-esteem is something that generates from the environment we live and grow up in. For many, it may seem that positive self-esteem comes naturally, while others struggle to attain it. Having great esteem is so important for everyone; it’s hard to succeed in life if we do not believe in ourselves. Of course, you’ll run into a select few people who seem to have too much self-esteem to the point of arrogance; however, it’s finding that healthy balance that’s important. With low self-esteem, it’s hard to accomplish the goals we set out in life or basic day to day activities. When all a person feels is that they are not appreciated, not respected, not accomplished, or talented, it’s hard for them to gain any type of desire to make themselves feel the way they deserve to feel. Self-esteem can be a fickle feeling, but it is so important for everyone to have.

Here are 5 great ways to help boost your well-deserved self-esteem:


Learn to accept positive feedback from others


Learning how to listen and accept positive feedback is so important in the growth of self-esteem. When receiving positive feedback or compliments, many who suffer from low self-esteem are so quick to deny it. If you are trying to build your self-esteem up (as you should) then try to listen to what others have to say and let that positivity sink in.


Take care of yourself


Having low self-esteem often starts with the negative thoughts and feelings one has about themselves. When you feel good about yourself and your physical being, it can do wonders for your overall self-esteem. This can work in the opposite, too; if you are not happy with your appearance or are lacking energy, your self-esteem can suffer. With that being said, taking care of yourself is an important step towards increased self-esteem. Make a habit out of eating healthier, sleeping properly, exercising, and practicing good hygiene. By looking after your own needs and taking good care of yourself, your body, and your appearance, you’ll find that your self-esteem is sure to thrive.  

Envision the person you desire to be


When suffering from low self-esteem, many people tend to see themselves in a negative light that is often very distorted and highly inaccurate. To remedy this, try to envision the person that you want to be. Envision all the goals you want to accomplish, the places you want to go, and the things you want to do. By realistically building yourself up in a positive light, you will be more inclined to start accomplishing those goals with the confidence that you deserve. Remember, if you believe it, you can surely achieve it.   


Concentrate on succeeding instead of being afraid to fail


It’s far too often that some do not go after their true goals because they are frightened of failing; that option of succeeding never passing their minds. Instead of constantly being worried of failing, make yourself think about the positive, think about succeeding. Placing yourself in a positive mindset will only lead to a better outcome; more confidence in what you are doing. That confidence will be very apparent to others as well. Sometimes, it’s helpful to start off with small goals and slowly work your way up the ladder. Make sure to always reflect back on all your previous achievements as well. Nothing says ‘confidence booster’ like a reminder of all your past successes.


Give yourself self-affirmations each and every day


Self-affirmations are positive messages that people are designed to give to themselves on a day to day basis. By reminding–affirming–yourself of your strengths and talents, you are giving yourself the pride you deserve to have. For example, if your great a cooking, remind yourself of this. Or, if you have crafty/artistic abilities, then constantly remind yourself of this as well. Building your self-esteem starts with positive self-affirmations that are constant and true. Sometimes, we just need a reminder of how great we are and can be.


If you are having trouble seeing positive results after practicing the above tips, consider talking to a professional. Dr. Phil Chanin is a highly reputable psychologist that offers individual counseling in Nashville, TN, for those who suffer from poor self-esteem. With these tips and the help of Dr. Phil Chanin, you will be on your way to gain the confidence and self-esteem you deserve.