21 Jan Top 3 Benefits of Couples Counseling

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Couples Counseling Nashville, TN

Far too often couples come to an impasse in their relationship that developed through months (or years) or poor communication skills, lack of support, the absence of appreciation, and abysmal conflict resolution skills. During this time, couples may feel as if there is nothing left to do but go their separate ways. If there is still love and passion in the relationship, why throw in the towel so soon? Sure, there are certain relationships that are not destined to last or are better off seeing other people, but if you truly care about this person and want to find a way to make it work, then shouldn’t you consider the option of trying? Couples counseling can be a great way to help strengthen a relationship that desperately needs it, and it can also be a great tool in determining whether you and your partner are good for each other. Even though the goal of couples therapy is to strengthen the relationship, there are many couples who discover that they are better off separating; and that’s okay, too. Couples therapy is all about learning more about your relationship and your partner and finding out what works and what doesn’t work. Couples therapy can truly be rewarding to those who decide to try it out. For information on couples counseling in Nashville, TN, contact licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Phil Chanin.


The Advantages of Couples Therapy

It’s no secret that real relationships require there to be a real effort to be made. If the couple can’t do this on their own, then there’s no shame in asking for professional help. If it means improving and saving your relationship, it’s worth it. Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of couples counseling.


  • Resolves Conflict: An important goal in couples therapy is for a psychologist to teach their patients how to resolve conflict in a healthy manner. Regardless of how stable one’s relationship is, the techniques you learn in couples counseling to resolve conflicts can be implemented in all situations. Improving the way a couple resolves conflict involves studying their behavioral tendencies and their communication skills–something we will get into next. Resolving conflicts starts with listening. Listen to what your partner has to say, process and acknowledge their feelings, then explain–not yell–your side. Conflicts that occur in a relationship don’t ever need to end in screaming match. A couples therapist will be able to provide you with the right techniques and tools to rectify disagreements in a civil manner.


  • Improves Communication Skills: Over and over again we hear the phrase, “communication is key”, and the fact of the matter is, is that saying is 100% true. Without proper communication, a relationship will fail to flourish. With couples therapy, a therapist will be able to guide a couple towards a path that lined with good communication skills. Additionally, they will be able to teach them how to speak to each other more effectively, without the presence of anger and resentment. In some sessions, therapists will require their patients to participate in a series of exercises that will teach them how to speak to each other and express their feelings in a healthy manner. However, communication skills don’t start and stop with how couples speak to each other, it also involves the ways in which they listen to each other. Couple counseling will show partners how to actively listen to one another.


  • Promotes Support, Empathy, and Appreciation: With the combination of teaching patients how to properly communicate and resolve conflict effectively, couples will slowly start to gain more support, empathy, and appreciation for their partners. If that is something that you lack in your relationship, rest assured that couples therapy will get you to that stage. Altogether, couples therapy will require partners to dig deep and explain their needs and wants; what they are lacking in the relationship and the things that will make them happier. Be advised, no matter the session, it will be an emotional time for you and your partner, especially when a breakthrough is made.


Couples Therapy

Amongst these benefits, couples therapy will be able to teach you and your partner how to have a stronger and more successful relationship. With couples therapy, you will able to forge a stronger bond with your partner and ignite the passion that deserves to be there.  It’s truly a commitment, but if you love your partner and your partner shares that love equally, then it’s a commitment worth making. For more information on couples therapy in Nashville, TN, contact Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Philip Chanin, today.