25 Jan The Benefits of Seeing a Psychologist

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Unfortunately, there’s a lot of stigma that comes with the words ‘therapy’ and ‘psychologist’ and professionals are hard at work to change the way people view these two very important things. Going to therapy and talking with a psychologist is not something that completely limited to those who suffer from severe mental disorders or those who have experienced traumas. Therapy is for everyone and it covers a wide range of topics and tools that will help patients not only be better people, but to discover who they truly are and what they need in life. If you are looking for a psychologist in Nashville, TN, contact Dr. Phil Chanin, today.


Here are a few of the many benefits that seeing a psychologist can provide for your or someone you love:

  • Helps you handle your emotions and stressors: Psychologists are commonly known for the problem-solving techniques they provide patients with. Additionally, psychologists provide patients with the means to properly control their symptoms of anxiety, depression, compulsive behaviors, and even addiction. Dr. David Spiegel, MD, associate chair of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University, explains, “It’s a way of working with cognition, emotion and interpersonal relationships in a way that helps you manage your emotions and learn to see it in a different perspective”.


  • Can help you find purpose: Any reputable and experienced psychologist will be able to provide you with the tools that will help you find your purpose in life. For the best results, it’s so important to fully open yourself up to your psychologist. By expressing your personal struggles, your goals and aspirations, and your fears, your psychologist will be able to better assist you in your search to find purpose. Once they get to the root, watch how your confidence flourishes. Talking to a psychologist on a weekly basis can truly give you peace of mind and show you the true meaning of your life. Every person on this earth has an important purpose, it’s up to you to use the tools to discover it–even if it means asking for the help of a professional.


  • Gives you the guidance to be a better person/parent/partner: Therapy can be a great way to give individuals the tools to be able to be a better person, a better partner, and a better parent. With weekly counseling, a psychologist will be able to help you improve your communication skills within your marriage, while giving you the confidence to try new and fun ways to keep the passion and excitement present. Additionally, a psychologist can help you be the parent you need to be for your children. Sometimes, it’s very easy to fall into the same parenting patterns that were used in a patient’s childhood, however, it’s important to remember that not only have times changed, but the needs of your child are much different than your own.


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Though therapy is not limited to above mentioned things, talking to a psychologist can be extremely helpful for many. Dr. Philip Chanin is a licensed and board certified clinical psychologist in Nashville, TN. For information on individual counseling, group therapy or couples therapy, please contact Dr. Chanin, today.