11 Feb A Few Tips on Managing Your Depression Naturally

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Depression is categorized as a mental health disorder that causes a despondent mood which leads to a loss of interest in everyday activities due to a mix of biological, social, and psychological factors. Depression can severely affect the way one thinks, feels, and handles their everyday activities. Currently, it’s estimated that nearly 19 million Americans deal with this debilitating disease and as time progresses that number will only increase. This disease can present itself differently in each person its effects, which means that treatment plans are different for many. Therapy and medication are two of the biggest forms of treatment for depression; However, there are many different ways to deal with depression–naturally–on a day to day basis.

Below, are a few tips on ways to naturally manage your depression:

Sit out in the sun

Though this is not an end-all cure, the sun’s rays provide wonderful benefits for your mental health. With ample sunlight, the serotonin in the brain increases. Serotonin is a very important neurotransmitter that affects one’s mood, social behavior, appetite, sleep, and sexual health. With an increased level of serotonin, our moods are greatly enhanced, our appetites increase, and our depression is at bay. Without consistent exposure to the sun, our serotonin levels can decrease significantly–leaving room for one’s overall mood and mental health to suffer. On those sunny days, make sure to make time to go outside and soak up the sun’s beneficial rays. Always remember to wear protective eyewear and apply sunscreen–as wonderful as the sun may be, you want to make sure your skin is always protected.


Go for a walk

For those who suffer from depression, exercise is probably the very last thing you want to do. However, with the right motivation, simple acts of exercise–going for a walk–can make such a significant difference in one’s overall mental health. When participating in exercise, your body releases endorphins that enhance your sense of well-being. Like the positive effects of boosted serotonin levels, endorphins–when released–reduce the perception of pain, giving those a euphoric feeling. Endorphins provide an uplift in energy, reduces stress, improves sleep, and most importantly, reduces the effects of depression and anxiety.


Meditate/Participate in yoga

 The practice of yoga and mindful meditation has proven to be beneficial in the treatment of depression. Mindful meditation requires you to focus on each part of the body individually–bringing you much closer to your bodies needs and the needs of your mental health. Both meditation and yoga work well to reduce stress and anxiety while helping them to focus more on themselves than what is happening around them. Meditation and yoga have a wonderful way of helping those to become one with their body and mind and finding inner peace. There are even specific yoga positions and breathing techniques that are specific in easing one’s depression. The mind-body connection is something is powerful and unique–the results will surprise you.


Talk to someone

Whether it is a trusted friend, family member, or professional, talking to someone about your thoughts, feelings, and needs can help to manage your depression. In order to gain insight and clarity, it’s sometimes helpful to talk to someone who understands what you are experiencing; a little perspective does wonders. Not to mention, getting thoughts and feelings off your chest can be such a relieving feeling. Additionally, a professional can help you get on the right track to improvement by creating a treatment process that works best for you.  


Psychologist for Depression

I know these things may seem nearly impossible to do when depression pulls you into its dark lair, but try as hard as you can to implement these things in your daily routine. You’ll find that many of these things can be done simultaneously as well. If it’s a beautiful sunny day, consider bringing your yoga mat outside or invite a friend/family member to go on a walk along with you. If you find that your depression is still getting the best of you–even when practicing the above tips–it’s best to consult with a psychologist for depression in Nashville, TN. A reputable psychologist will be able to get to the root of your depression while finding a treatment plan that works best for you and your specific needs.