17 Sep When is it Time for Marriage Counseling?

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When is it Time for Marriage Counseling?

Relationships are rewarding yet difficult journeys people choose to take together. These journeys often go down paths neither person would have predicted. Many difficult times can be navigated alone, but not all of them.

Likewise, even when the journey is on the high road, a couple might not see the dangers lurking around the corner. A couple doesn’t have to be in a rough spot to benefit from a fresh perspective. Marriage counseling has many different benefits for many different aspects of a relationship. Here are a few ways marriage counseling is beneficial.

Entering a Transitional Phase

Changes in routine can have reverberating effects on a relationship. A major disruption can throw the whole equation off-balance. Perhaps a new child will soon be making an appearance. Maybe the house has been sold and a distant relocation is imminent. One member of the relationship returning to school can shake up the daily routines. These circumstances change not only the way a couple looks at one another, but also in how they interact with each other. This can be confusing. Marriage Counseling can help put things into perspective.

No Communication

Lopsided interactions or the absence of them altogether is a sign two people aren’t connecting. These connections are essential to being able to properly empathize with the other person in a relationship. Lack of communication can have any number of causes. The root of the problem will never arise until these lines of communication are reopened. A comfortable setting with a professional opens people up and allows them to express themselves in a way perhaps they haven’t done for a while. It can be the first step toward healthy discussion.

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The Good Times

Marriage Counseling isn’t only for when things aren’t going well. Premarital counseling is a great way to get a marriage off to a solid start. Setting the foundation of a relationship can help avoid problems down the road. A professional can help set goals to better understand what each person is looking for in a relationship.

Even seasoned married couples can benefit from marriage counseling. Small annoyances and unresolved conflicts can build up over time. Sitting down and ensuring all lines of communication are open helps even those without direct problems in their relationship.


Cheating on a spouse is unfortunately common. Some estimates quote up to 60% of married people participate in a form of infidelity. These circumstances are difficult to navigate. Emotions run high and the cuts run deep. Properly confronting the issues that arise in these situations is touchy, especially from the inside. Having an outside perspective to openly deal with these emotions is essential to working through these difficult problems. It’s incredibly hard to work through the emotions toward the honesty needed to get to the reason the infidelity occurred.

Addiction Issues

The bad habits of one member of a relationship can be toxic to the relationship itself. This can take many forms, such as alcohol or drug abuse. These issues can have roots in many things, but the effects rattle through a marriage. Learning to deal with addiction is difficult for both the addict and the other member of the relationship. Professional help is often the best means of dealing with these issues. Without assistance, addiction can blossom into other destructive behaviors that harm more than the marriage.

Major Loss

A death in the family can be devastating. Whether it’s the loss of a child, a parent, or extended family, loss can put heavy strain on a relationship. The plethora of emotions this brings up can make it difficult to talk to each other. Adding layers of stress on top of a relationship exacerbates any pre-existing issues. The loss may be felt by both members of the marriage, but their emotions regarding it may be separate. Marriage counseling not only helps in the way the participants interact with each other. It also helps individuals work through their problems with the added benefit of having a loved one in the room.

Less Quality Time

Routines are unavoidable. Work schedules, free time, and social windows often become repetitive. These routines can be comforting, but they can also make things feel stagnant. This is often a symptom of long-term relationships. Whether it takes the form of sleeping in separate rooms, infrequent communication, or lack of intimacy, this can be a big problem. A spouse shouldn’t feel like merely a roommate. Marriage counseling gives a fresh perspective and invigorates a relationship even if no pressing issues are present.

Marriage counseling shouldn’t be a last resort. There are many reasons for couples to seek counseling but unfortunately they often wait until it’s too late. People don’t wait for their car to run

out of oil before they get it changed. Likewise, people shouldn’t wait for a major issue to arise before they seek professional marriage counseling.

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