21 Jan How a Psychologist Can Help With Career Issues

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How a Psychologist Can Help With Career Issues

What we do for a living plays a massive role in how we feel about our lives. Not only do we spend a large portion of our days at work, but it also plays into how we view ourselves. We often associate ourselves with the work we do. And if you’re unsatisfied with your career, there can be a plethora of negative emotions tied to it.

There can be aspects of working life that can negatively affect a person, even if a person were to enjoy their work. This could be an unhealthy relationship with a coworker, fear of speaking in public, an abusive superior, or anything else that can make a day of work not feel great.

A lot of these career issues occur within our minds. And because of this, a psychologist to help you with your career can have a great effect on how detrimental these career issues become. Here are a few ways A Psychologist for Career Issues can help when career issues become a concern.

Finding Your Direction

As we said, careers are important to many aspects of a person’s life. Deciding which path to pursue can be an overwhelming process. It’s difficult to weigh your current desires for where and how to work with the ways in which that can translate to future positions down the road. Many people feel that a mistake early in their career can end up having large ramifications down the road.

The tendency is to overthink this question. We too often block out the factors we need to consider by focusing on unnecessary minutia. An outside voice helps to put things into perspective. And once we find that perspective, the decision can seem less daunting. A trained psychologist can direct the conversation toward useful and meaningful aspects that help bring the client’s true desires closer to the surface.

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Managing Stress

Work can be stressful. The necessity of maintaining a positive presence in the workplace can lead many people to ignore their own well-being in an effort to remain useful. However, working hard is rarely a reward in itself. This stress tends to get pushed aside, where it continues to build until it can’t be ignored anymore.

Psychologists can help their patients to develop and practice healthy methods of coping with this stress. This is a skill that can be used in any facet of life, but if stress is a major part of your working experience, healthy coping mechanisms can help dramatically. And when it’s combined with the ability to recognize unhealthy behaviors, a patient’s overall mood can be lifted.

Improving Communication

A frequent contributor to workplace dissatisfaction is the way we communicate with our coworkers. We don’t often get to choose who we work alongside. These pairings don’t always work out and people can find themselves working with someone they don’t get along with. There are always going to be people that aren’t our best friends. These types of relationships can grow into major problems.

Since we can’t change who we work with, we need to learn how to handle the situations we find ourselves in. A psychologist can work with the patient to increase their capacity for assertiveness. Feelings of powerlessness can be defeating. Learning to be assertive can combat this feeling. And if conflicts do occur, knowing how to resolve them quickly and professionally can be a great asset. Psychologists can help hone these skills so you are better equipped to handle the challenges that might arise while at work.

Easing Adjustments

Entering a new stage of life is uncomfortable. Whether this is moving to a new city, starting a new position, or entering an entirely different industry, there will be a period of adjustment. This awkward phase can be met with stress, unhealthy coping mechanisms, and feeling overwhelmed.

Talking through these feelings with a psychologist can help resolve them. We often don’t know exactly what we’re feeling until we fully recognize it, and this is difficult to do without the guidance of a trained psychologist. Once these feelings are recognized, they can be addressed, which can lead to them being resolved.

Facilitating Expectations

Disappointment is a result of unfulfilled expectations. Interpreting your current situation and being displeased with it can lead to dissatisfaction in your career, and beyond that, into your life. Our feelings are always valid but they aren’t always coming from a proper perspective. The reality is that this problem comes from within. That means the answer does as well.

A psychologist can help recognize this reality. And beyond simple recognition, a psychologist can help the patient to internalize it, address it, and possibly rethink where these feelings are coming from. And if it’s found that these unfulfilled expectations are a result of deep unhappiness in the career, maybe a path can be found to rectify it.

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