30 Mar Poems Written After Group Therapy

Posted at 3:22 pm in Group Therapy by jlbworks

Soul-Guided Search

Soul-guided search
Whisper of light
Precious gift given up
Bathed in stunned silence
“That we might have life,
And have it more abundantly.”
Tonight we began.
We, like a sleeping rumbling giant,
Haltingly forward.
Giant power of love we possess
Beneath our walls and roles.
Did we sense our power tonight?
Why do my tears rise again—mixture of
Agony and joy.
God, can we learn to See each other,
Can we learn to call out from those enclosures
We create for our protection?
Yes, tonight I am alive—as alive as I’ve ever felt.
Have we heard each other a little more clearly?
Can we really believe the strengths we could offer
to each other?—
That we could give each of us back to ourselves—
Blessed, cradled, loved.


Structures We Create

Structures we create
Tear them down we must
Rock by rock, stone by stone.
Structures to hold onto,
To give us our bearings in the void.
Catch our footing, toe on a ledge,
Able to take a moment to look around.
Slowly feel our strength,
Catch the foot of someone above as I slip,
Begin to believe s/he’ll be there if I slip again.
So we must break free
No longer needing structures which may cramp us in.
I want to learn what’s here around me,
Every moment.
Maybe I can begin to see.
Maybe it’s not quite so scary to look at you,
And me.