16 Apr The Benefits of Marriage Counseling

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Marriage Counseling in Nashville, TN

For years, negative connotations have followed the words ‘marriage counseling’ because of its association with couples and divorce. Although many seem to think otherwise, marriage counseling is not simply a ‘last-ditch effort’ for a couple to save their relationship. Yes, there are many instances where couples in failing marriages go to counseling to help salvage the relationship, however, marriage counseling is not limited to couples who are at ends. You don’t have to be thinking about getting a divorce to qualify for marriage counseling, and that’s something that many people don’t initially realize. Marriage counseling can be for anyone; newlyweds, couples wanting to start a family, couples with marital problems, couples who are soon to be married, married couples who simply want to make sure they are always on the same page. The benefits of marriage counseling range far and wide and aren’t limited to couples in crisis. If you would like information on couples therapy and marriage counseling in Nashville, TN, please contact Dr. Phil Chanin, today. Dr. Chanin is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Imago Therapist in Nashville, and he provides couples therapy, marriage counseling and divorce counseling.


Let’s take a look at some of the benefits marriage counseling can provide to married couples of all kinds:

  • Provides the means for communication and conflict resolution skills: Marriage counseling can provide couples with the tools to better communicate with one another and resolve matters of conflict. Whether you and your partner are experiencing financial trouble, intimacy problems, or are not seeing eye to eye on a certain matter, your psychologist will be able to guide you–objectively–to a resolution that benefits both. The key to a successful marriage is communication, and during your sessions, your counselor will provide you helpful tips and tricks to ensure that you are both exuding good communication skills.


  • It’s a place where you can vent without judgment: Sometimes, it’s hard for a spouse to truly express what they are feeling due to the fear of criticism or rejection. Marriage counseling provides couples with the means to ‘vent’ and express their emotions and frustrations. A great psychologist will be able to translate these feelings to the couple in order for them to fully understand what the other one is thinking and feeling. Sometimes, this is easier for spouses to do knowing that there’s someone listening who will provide them with objective viewpoints.


  • Helps to build on the strengths in a relationship: A marriage counseling therapist can help a couple uncover their key strengths in their relationship. This can serve as a reminder that together, they are a team. Building a couple’s strengths can provide them with the confidence they need to get through any issues they are having.


These are just a few of the many benefits that marriage counseling can provide to couples. Though every couple’s situation is different, sometimes, marriage counseling is the tool they need to help keep their relationship strong.