01 Sep The Facets of Divorce Counseling

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Divorce Counseling Nashville, TN

Separation and divorce are two emotionally difficult journeys many couples face when they decide to end their marriage. While the American Psychological Association states that nearly 40% to 50% of married couples get divorced, the US Census Bureau recorded that one-third of breakups actually occur within the first five years of marriage. Since divorce rates are so high in the United States, it’s important to have options available to couples that provide them with helpful counseling during this sad and stressful time. If you are looking for a psychologist for divorce counseling in Nashville, TN, contact Dr. Philip Chanin. Dr. Chanin specializes in divorce counseling and marriage counseling. Learn more about couples therapy, today.


The Types of Divorce Counseling

Divorce counseling is an essential form of guidance and therapy, for it provides couples with the tools to exercise a healthy, communicative, and civilized divorce. While the reasons for divorce vary and are unique to each couple, divorce counselors work diligently to help separated couples with the following:

  • How to resume their lives with ease and success after the divorce.
  • Help them understand where the relationship failed and how to use that information to lead healthier relationships in the future.
  • If children are involved, divorce counselors will show couples how to handle their divorce in a way that minimizes the trauma.

In addition to these key factors, divorce counselors work closely with couples to help improve their communication skills, conflict resolution skills, and most importantly, guide them towards closure. Combined, these sessions allow couples to legally separate or divorce without taking part in the ugliness that can be associated with these events–harsh custody battles, mediations, divorce court, countless arguments regarding the divvying of assets and property, etc. With the help of an experienced divorce counselor, couples can achieve peace and civility in their divorce.


Currently, there are two different levels of divorce counseling available to couples:

  • Pre-Divorce Counseling
  • Post-Divorce Counseling

In pre-divorce counseling, the counselor or therapist will help the couple to communicate with each other both effectively and courteously. The purpose of pre-divorce counseling is to prepare the couple for what is soon to come in the divorce process, diving further than the standard legal process. This is a time when the couple will be faced with an overwhelming amount of emotions and stress, and knowing how to properly handle it is absolutely essential. A pre-divorce counselor will provide couples with proper coping strategies that they can use to help them through this troubling time. Additionally, pre-divorce counseling is highly recommended for couples who have children together. During this time, parent related issues will be addressed, and a plan of action will be made to ensure that the children have the support, attention, and love they need during this time. As for post-divorce counseling, this type of counseling will help the divorced individuals cope with their emotions, work through their grief and anger, and move on with their lives. Post-divorce counseling is highly recommended to all, regardless of their reasons for divorce and the type of divorce they had.

With the help of a reputable counselor, your journey through divorce does not need to be one that’s filled with complications, animosity, and pain. Divorce counseling can give couples the tools they need to work through their divorce in a more constructive and effective manner.