01 Oct Finding Value in Your Couple’s Therapy Sessions

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For those who are new to the process, the idea of couple’s therapy may be quite daunting. Not every couple is certain of what to expect in the sessions to come and what their therapist will be like. In couple’s therapy, it is the job of the couple to establish objectives for each session. However, it’s also the job of the therapist to help each person–individually and as a couple–achieve those objectives. Additionally, the ultimate goal of couple’s therapy is to not only provide each couple with the tools to think introspectively, but also to expand their knowledge of themselves and their partner. As therapy sessions progress, couples will learn effective communication methods, conflict-resolution strategies, and much more. Couple’s therapy focuses on ways to help you and your loved one achieve the life you want to build together while giving you the tools to grow as a couple and as individuals. For these reasons and more, it’s essential for couples to find the value and make the most of each therapy session.  Dr. Chanin is a licensed clinical psychologist and Certified Imago Therapist, and he provides couples therapy in Nashville, TN. If you are interested in couples therapy, contact Dr. Chanin, today.


Making the Most of Your Couples Therapy Sessions

While there are countless reasons for couples to seek guidance from a psychologist, the end goal remains the same: finding value in your sessions that will allow you and your partner to strengthen and fortify your relationship. For individuals who aren’t keen on the idea of therapy may have a harder time participating and being active in sessions. It will be the job of your therapist to help achieve a sense of open-mindedness that will later lead to an increase of participation. As your therapist understands the importance of making the most of your sessions, it’s essential for each partner to recognize that, too. To find value in your couple’s therapy sessions and, ultimately, make the most of each session, here are two things you can do before each meeting:


  • Individually and as a couple, reflect on your reasons for being in therapy and the topics you would like to focus on for the day.


  • Once you have defined your objective for the day, think about what needs to be done to achieve it. At a large scale, consider your overall goals as a couple. What kind of partner do you want to be? What kind of partner do you need?


Reflection certainly takes time, but with these two key approaches, you will notice a significant difference in your sessions. Preparation is key and will surely help you and your significant other find value in your sessions. While preparation for each session is essential, your attitude and outlook on life and your relationship can also determine the success of each session. With a desire for change–not only in your partner, but in yourself–and an open mind, your couple’s therapy sessions will help you and your loved one find common ground and strengthen that bond.