05 Feb Group Therapy: What It Is and What To Expect

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Group therapy is a unique form of psychotherapy that typically involves one or more therapists who work with several people at the same time. Group therapy comes in many forms and is designed to help individuals work through their specific problems with others who are in similar situations. Unlike individual therapy, group therapy allows participants to open up to the group, form bonds, and connect with those who are coping/recovering from related issues. Typically, group therapy will have members who are in different stages of their treatment process, allowing others to see how important the therapy process is and that there’s always hope and help. While group therapy can be conducted within private practices, they also can take place in hospitals, mental health clinics, community centers, and more. If you are in need of a psychologist for group therapy in Nashville, TN, contact Dr. Chanin, today.

What to Expect In Group Therapy

Group therapy is a special form of therapy that proves to be both challenging and supportive where members can discuss their feelings, express their concerns, and talk about the important things happening in their lives with fellow group members and therapist. In addition to forming important bonds through the coping and recovery process, group therapy offers the opportunity for individuals to find perspective on various issues and challenges that each member is personally facing. If you are considering partaking in group therapy, here are a few important things to expect:

• Attendance is Essential: To really experience the benefits of group therapy, consistent attendance is so important. Progress can only be made if you make the effort to attend each meeting.

• Confidentiality: Maintaining confidentiality is key to group meetings. Group therapy is designed to be a safe place for each member, and maintaining the confidentiality of the meeting’s events will only contribute to the process.

• Expressing Feelings: Finding the ability to express your feelings in group therapy to your peers and therapist is an essential factor. Expressing your feelings allows you to open up to the group and share your experiences, helping you through the process.

• Responsibility: Whether you are on the path to recovery or seeking comfort and support, each group member is responsible for their own therapy goals. While sharing your thoughts and feelings is essential during these meetings, no one is going to force the other to share their thoughts. The responsibility of contributing during each meeting falls on each individual.

Group therapy isn’t always going to be easy; depending on what each person is working through, these sessions will be emotional and sometimes hard. It’s important to remember that it’s only natural to feel anxious when starting group therapy, however, everyone there is working through something personal as well. Group sessions are there for members to find support, guidance, and responsibility of your own choices.

Psychologist for Group Therapy Nashville, TN

Group therapy has been shown to have many benefits, and to be as beneficial, or in some cases more beneficial, than individual therapy. Contact Dr. Phil Chanin, to learn more about group therapy in Nashville, TN.