12 Aug When Time Catches Up: Seeking a Psychologist for Aging Issues

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Therapy For Aging

Transitioning into the different stages of life can be difficult. There are different expectations, new challenges, and unforeseen factors that affect our daily lives. Our older years can sometimes be the most challenging. Our bodies don’t work the way they once did. Neither do our minds.

Life tends to catch up with us. The emotions that come along with this can be overwhelming. The elderly face a lot of challenges as well as the culmination of their past behaviors. This can lead to substance abuse and depression if not properly treated.

Dr. Phil Chanin is a psychologist for aging issues in Nashville, TN that can help make the transition into this stage of life a little easier. But how do you know if you can benefit from the help of a psychologist for aging issues?

Here are 7 reasons a person might seek a psychologist for aging issues:

  1. Chronic Pain
  2. Memory Loss
  3. Anxiety
  4. Past Memories
  5. Sexual Dysfunction
  6. Loss of Loved Ones
  7. Passing On


Chronic Pain

The first thing many people will notice as they grow old is that their bodies aren’t able to perform as well as they once could. This can often lead to feelings of inadequacy and cause a person to reevaluate where they fit in life. This feeling of frailty is inevitable, but that doesn’t make it any easier for a person to accept.

Visiting a psychologist for aging issues can provide a comfortable environment for a person to share these feelings. It can be comforting to know you aren’t the only one to be facing the realizations that come with feeling fragile.

Memory Loss

Another aspect of growing older is finding it increasingly difficult to remember small daily items. Where did your keys go? What were you supposed to get at the store? These lapses in memory can be very annoying but they can also become scary for many older individuals.

These issues are common as we grow older, but they can occasionally be a sign of a more severe problem. Speaking with a professional will help you navigate your personal situation.



These deficiencies compared to our younger selves can leave us feeling ill-equipped to perform our daily duties. This anxiety can follow us through every aspect of our day and even make it difficult to get adequate sleep. Nagging anxiety and depression can show itself in many different ways. This can include a tight feeling in the chest, jumpiness, and general nervousness.

A psychologist for aging issues can help a person to examine this anxiety and find the root of the problem. And once that root is found, it can be addressed. There are many reasons a person can feel anxious, but there are also things that can be done to help mitigate the effects.


Past Memories

Growing old means there is a long life to look back upon and examine. This can lead some people to grow proud. Others can feel regretful. And some people might feel nostalgic when they look back on their life. In reality, every person will feel a bit of each of these emotions but we don’t always choose to focus on the good thoughts.

Working through any past regrets can make a person feel better and set them up to enjoy the remaining years of their life.


Sexual Dysfunction

Physical inadequacy often extends to the private areas of our lives as well. The loss of this ability can leave many people feeling as if they aren’t able to show their love for their partner as much as they would like. This is another frequent aspect of growing old.

It might be difficult to talk about these feelings but it can be greatly beneficial. Couples counseling can assure both members of a relationship that this is a normal aspect of aging.

Loss of Loved Ones

Death is an inevitable part of being alive. Watching loved ones pass on can be terribly upsetting. This is especially true if you’ve known somebody for a very long time. Losing a loved one can often leave a person without someone to discuss their feelings with.

A psychologist for aging issues is well-equipped to handle these conversations and offer advice about how to deal with the resulting emotions.


Passing On

And as a person will see others pass on, there’s the guarantee that you’ll be making the same trip one day. Older individuals often feel they might be closer to this inevitability than others. This can lead to feelings of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.


A Psychologist near me – A psychologist for aging issues can speak with a person about their feelings on death. Talking through these emotions can be a great relief.


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