13 Jan Releasing the Stigma of Individual Counseling

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Society is advancing at a quick rate. A lot of the old ways of viewing various subjects are evolving and becoming more accepting. Antiquated prejudices are being seen for what they are — incorrect.

Individual counseling is one such area that has been incorrectly viewed by people for a long time. Many people still consider themselves “too proud” to visit a professional and work through the issues they deal with on a daily basis.

But why is that? When will public perception of individual counseling catch up to the reality of the situation?

A person simply needs to give themself the license to look at the situation in a fair and all-encompassing manner. This will show them the intrinsic value of seeking professional help for any of a large number of issues.

But how do you make that switch? What do you need to consider to realize there doesn’t need to be a stigma attached to individual counseling?

Mental Health is Important

There has always been a recognition of the importance of physical health. We’ve heard about the need for daily exercise and a proper diet since we were very young. However, only recently has the subject of mental health entered the public discourse.

But make no mistake: mental health is important. And it’s a thing a large section of the population struggles with, whether we see it or not.

Normalizing the fact that many struggle with mental health issues is the first step toward removing the stigma from individual counseling. And make no mistake — mental health issues are more frequent than you might think.

Let Go of Outdated Ways of Thinking

There was a point in time where the idea of equality wasn’t even up for discussion. And while things are still far from perfect, great strides have been taken over the last century to make the basic tenets of equality more widespread.

And while mental health issues aren’t directly comparable to struggles for equality, a parallel can be drawn relating to a need for a change in public perception.

Individual counseling is a means of helping people. And all it takes is a simple shifting of the conversation to convince more people to get the help they need.

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Getting Help Doesn’t Mean You’re Weak

One major hurdle to clear in this repositioning of the conversation is a long-held belief that those who seek help with their mental health are weak.

This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, it takes great strength to recognize an issue and seek a means of treating it. These situations can be scary, and it’s a great accomplishment to get the help you need.

There is no weakness involved with individual counseling. It can be hard work, but ultimately satisfying when you start to see results.

Accessing the Tools Within You

This idea of strength is related to the fact that everything you need is already hidden within you. However, this can be difficult — or even seemingly impossible — to recognize without the help of a trained professional.

We are often much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. The human mind is an amazing muscle that often simply needs to believe in itself in order to work as well as it can.

Individual counseling can be the inciting factor that shows you these sections of your own mind. This will come as the result of a lot of work, but the strength is hidden within you.

Conversation Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

People might be afraid of seeking individual counseling because they are afraid of the source of their issues. We protect ourselves by burying shameful or frightening sections of our past. This is a defense mechanism, but it ultimately harms us in the long run.

It’s much more beneficial to bring these memories and thoughts to light. It is only by addressing these ideas that we are able to release them of their power over us.

And while this process might be difficult at times, it doesn’t have to be scary. Individual counseling helps to give you the support you need while working through these issues.

Working With a Professional

Trained and licensed psychologists like Dr. Phil Chanin in Nashville, TN work toward helping people just like you find peace every day. It can be a long process, but these professionals have the requisite training and experience to help you find the strength within yourself that you might not have known about.

Any stigma associated with individual counseling is unwarranted. In fact, this stigma is non-existent outside of an individual’s mind. All you have to do is let go of the stigma and reach out to a professional to enter a new, healthier phase of your life.

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