29 Apr 5 Reasons to Invest in Individual Counseling

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Did you know that 18% of the American population is currently suffering from some sort of mental illness? While you don’t have to have a mental illness to seek out individual counseling services, mental health has recently become much more mainstream. Therapy and individual counseling services can benefit a multitude of people for a variety of mental health reasons. 

Whether you do need assistance with a mental health disorder, or you need an unbiased third party to discuss the daily struggles of life with, counseling can be a helpful tool. Investing in your mental health can help you to become a better person for yourself, the people around you and help you to interact with the world in a more positive way. 

Here’s what you need to know about the top 5 reasons to invest in individual counseling:

  1. Long Term Guidance
  2. Find Coping Mechanisms
  3. Deal With Repressed Emotions
  4. Find New Perspectives
  5. Set Yourself up for Success

Long Term Guidance 

A huge benefit to investing in individual counseling is that the knowledge patients learn and any other effects become long lasting. For those who have not experienced individual therapy before, they may assume the main goal is to work through specific traumas. While this is generally true of individual counseling, your therapist will also work to equip you with coping mechanisms and mindfulness practices to help you in future situations.

A large portion of one’s individual counseling sessions will be spent working to improve upon behavior, feelings and internal responses to external stimuli that may present itself down the line. In this sense, these therapeutic services can help set patients up with long term guidance and techniques to better prepare them for the future.  

Find Coping Mechanisms 

With a focus on long term improvement, when you invest in individual counseling, therapists can help patients to understand their mind, body and find coping mechanisms. Whether you’re seeking therapy for psychological trauma or simply to learn how to maneuver through daily life, individual counseling can help you find what works for you.  

Coping mechanisms can range from a variety of things based on different individuals. This is why what works for your sibling or friend might not work for you. Individual counseling services often allow patients to freely discuss what’s going on in their head and affecting their body and life. With the ability to speak freely and get to the root of situations, patients can work with their therapists to find non medicinal solutions for current and future issues. 

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Deal With Repressed Emotions

If you’re someone who has a difficult time with repressed emotions, you may want to invest in individual counseling! Therapy can help to improve your quality of life by working through those emotions at your own pace. Finding a therapist that you connect with can especially help in this case. In working with an individual with whom you feel comfortable, delving deeper into your inner self can often be an easier feat. 

When you invest in individual counseling, you allow yourself to work through anything that you might not have had the opportunity to do so in a healthy way before. The right therapist will provide you with a safe space and the right tools to move forward. 

Find New Perspectives

For many, one of the biggest takeaways they receive from individual counseling is the ability to perceive new perspectives. If you’re someone who struggles to understand the world around you or within you, therapy can help to alleviate some of this. When you invest in individual counseling, your therapist will be able to help you uncover why you have difficulties where you do and push you to see different perspectives. 

Regardless of the situation, whether chemical or situational, individual counseling can offer you the tools and techniques to change the narrative of your anxieties or help you to understand a situation better. With the tools you learn from individual therapy, you will soon be able to interact with yourself and the world around you with ease. 

Set Yourself up for Success

For many, deciding to begin individual counseling and psychotherapy can feel daunting or frightening, and finding a good match with a therapist is important. In Dr. Phil Chanin’s 44 years of practice as a psychotherapist, he believes his greatest honor is getting to work with so many patients on their paths of exploration, personal growth, and healing. 

While many individuals seek individual counseling with clinical issues, others have sought assistance to improve their quality of life and sense of well-being. Whether you need a psychologist for anxiety, career issues, or obsessive compulsive, Dr. Phil Chanin continues to feel grateful towards his patients for allowing him to walk with them through difficult and challenging times in their lives. 

If you or a loved one is looking for individual counseling services to gain a sense of normalcy and work on your mental health, contact Dr. Phil Chanin today!